Course impression

Impressions of the Vox-ONLINE Course

Review every time

The whole course is recorded (instructor and screen), after each course day you gain access to all of the video content.

Vocal physiology

We’re taking it back to the basics by focussing on vocal fold physiology and its correlates, linked to the voice range profile. “What exactly is a phonetogram telling us?”

Demonstration and practice

Extensive demonstration of all of Vox’ functions.


Learn how to use Vox’ exportation options, including the most essential measurements.

System calibration

Vox has a built-in calibration assistent which you can use to make your system accurate. You’ll be learning how to use it, and how to check if your calibration was reliable.

2 Intensive Sessions +

Including 1 Vox Phonetography License +

Review all content +

+ Early Bird Discount