Frequently asked questions

Will Vox work on my system?

Vox Phonetography operates within the Praat program. If you can install and run at least Praat 6.1.40 on your Windows PC or Mac, you can definitely run Vox.
However, it is currently not possible to run Vox on Linux or a Google Chromebook.

How can I download Vox?

You can download the program from the website by logging in with your login credentials, which you receive after payment.
Do you want to purchase Vox, you can visit this page.
Learn more about downloading and installing Vox here.

Does Vox need an internet connection?

Vox is not capable of running an internet connection, it also doesn’t need one. After you downloaded and installed Vox on your system, you can keep running Vox.

Where does Vox store patient files and information?

After installing the program, you need to configure Vox Phonetography for one single time. During this configuration process, the software will prompt you to determine where the patient files must be stored (the Source Directory). This can be any folder on your computer, external drive or network drive, depending on your digital work environment and possible safety regulations. On startup, Vox will check if this Source Directory is still available, and control all acoustic and text data transfer to and from this folder. This makes Vox’ privacy and safety fully dependent on your work environment. Vox itself (i.e. the Praat plugin itself), does not and cannot store any patient information to any other place than this Source Directory.

Do I need to make recurrent payments?

The Vox Phonetography plugin is downloaded after one payment, read the General Terms and Condition here.