Key Features

Why Vox?
This is why.

Record. Play.

In contrast with all other phonetographs, Vox is able to play back every recorded voice sound. Because your perceptual rating is critical.

Overview voice performance through time.

View the voice range and speech range diagnostics throughout time, including AVQI and DSI if you hold the Praat scripts.

Reliable boundary measurement. For every voice.

Severe dysphonic voices often show peculiar voice field shapes. Use LEQ1 analysis to find out what intensity level or fundamental frequency your subject can phonate on for at least one second.

Cepstral measurements.

Using CPPs as a voice quality measurement, Vox is capable of showing the best and worst voice quality areas within the phonetogram.

One page. All sounds. All diagnostics.

Make exportation images and write them to your hard drive, as well as exportation of all voice recordings in WAV format.

Your favorite Praat scripts. Integrated.

Let Vox prepare one or more recordings in the Praat Objects window, so you can use your own Praat scripts on them. Vox saves your output image, and you never lose diagnostic information.

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