Hardware recommendations

Vox Phonetography is a software product. In order to make voice- and speech range profiles, you have to record your patients voice with audio (voice) recording hardware. Any microphone setup that can be connected to your computer, can be used with Vox.

For the audio interface, directly connected to your computer system by USB connection, we recommend:

Focusrite iTrack Solo audio-interface

For the cable, connecting the microphone system to the audio interface, we recommend:

AKG MPA V Phantom Adapter

For the microphone, we recommend:

AKG C544 L Headworn Microphone

If you want to use another microphone, please mind the following microphone specifications for your optimal voice acoustic analysis validity and reliability*:

  1. Condensator type
  1. Cardiode
  1. Frequency range: 20 – 20.000 Hz
  1. Flat frequency response of 2 dB max
  1. Self Noise < 25 dB
  1. Maximum loudness of 126 dB
  1. High sensitivity (> -60 dB)

* Barsties B, De Bodt M. Assessment of voice quality: Current state-of-the-art. Auris Nasus Larynx. 2015 Jun;42(3):183-8.